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    Florensia the next-gen F2P MMOG from Japan. Enjoy the unique dual battle system of Florensia and become a hero with your personal character.

    * Florensia is a completely free-to-play next-gen Massively Multiplayer
    Online Game from Japan

    * Free updates and high-quality features will be added to the game in regular

    * Various detailed tutorials will guide you through the first steps in the game

    * The dynamic and elaborate interface allows you to easily access all functions and in-game help files

    * The unique dual battle system allows you to increase land and sea level
    at your own choice

    * Create up to five characters on each server and develop your personal playing style

    * Choose among the four basic classes Explorer, Mercenary, Noble, Saint -
    soon you will even be able to play 12 different, including extended classes

    * Build your own ship - five different ship types consisting of many different parts are available

    * Explore the countryside and the vast ocean, travel to foreign islands and dungeons

    * Meet sinister enemies and horrible monsters in the darkest dungeons

    * Solve various quests and riddles leading your steps and benefit
    from the precious rewards

    * Find out more about the tragic history of the ancestors and the foundation
    of the realm of Florensia

    * Get in touch with the epic background story including eras of creation,
    war and peace and the magical visions of the ancestors

    * Play alone or together with your friends, create a party or establish a strong guild

    * Experience the exciting Upgrade and Fishing features, sell worthy goods in your personal store and collect money for further upcoming trade & production features

    * Train your battle skills and enhance your powers by duelling in the 1on1 or Party versus Party PvP modes

    * Prepare for upcoming Sieges, Guild and Faction Wars
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